Protection Against Phishing

Awareness training for safeguarding against phishing attempts to prevent falling victim to fraud.
  • 30 min.
  • DE, EN

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Product number: 642030

Learning objectives

What is the concept of "phishing"?
Typical approaches used by attackers in phishing.
Indicators that may suggest a phishing attempt.
Recognising CEO frauds and understanding their risks.
Recommended actions in the event of a phishing attempt.
Measures to be taken after a phishing incident.
Effective strategies for protection against phishing.

Who is this course for?

All employees with computer workstations.

Course contents

  • Explanation of phishing
  • Tactics used by attackers
  • Recognising indicators of phishing
  • Detecting CEO frauds
  • Recommended actions during a phishing attempt
  • Measures to be taken after a phishing incident
  • Protection against phishing


Step into the dark side and, alongside hacker $kullk!d, create a highly convincing phishing email. Then switch to the bright side and assist Tine in avoiding falling for phishing attempts.

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