The eLearning courses

for increased data protection, information security, compliance, and occupational safety

Data Protection
With our interactive data protection courses, you not only increase awareness within your organisation but also improve morale.
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Information Security
Minimise the 'human risk factor' with our engaging courses on information security.
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It's no fun when people don't play by the rules. Our entertaining compliance training courses on the other hand, are a lot of fun.
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Occupational Safety
Buckle up and put on your helmet: Here are our entertaining workplace health and safety courses.
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Get to know the eLearnings from DSN train!

Behind the name DSN train is a dedicated and creative team that has taken on the task of delivering you eLearning courses from the fields of data protection, information security, compliance, and occupational safety; in an entertaining, practical, and sustainable manner.

Our eLearning courses offer a vibrant learning environment with exciting stories from everyday work situations. The interactive design makes it easy to put your newfound knowledge into practice.
Participation is straightforward: Employees who have their own email address receive a personalised link to the training. Employees without an email address can also be invited to the training via an automatically generated QR code. The eLearning courses can be accessed on any browser-enabled device. Whether it's a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can start right away, no need to install anything. At the end of each successfully completed eLearning course, participants receive a training certificate.

As a coordinator, you can quickly and easily manage the training of your employees. This way, you fulfil your training obligations and can prove you´ve met the training requirements at any time. All eLearning courses created by DSN train can be found here in the online shop, packaged as a 12 month license.

Would you like to preview the courses in their full version or are you looking for custom training for your employees? Then feel free to contact us! Did you know that we not only offer you a variety of eLearning courses but also a learning platform that you can populate according to your needs with additional training content: You can upload courses using formats from PowerPoint to SCORM. This way, you have everything in your Learning Management System (LMS) neatly organised and in one place.

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