About us

The DSN train team is dedicated to the professional development of employees. We aim to provide training in a manner that makes seemingly dull topics interesting and results in a lasting learning effect. That's why we create eLearning courses where participants can interactively apply newly acquired knowledge. Feel free to compare our training content with that of other providers – you will notice the difference!

As part of a large management consulting firm, the DSN GROUP, we understand the importance of not only having a good training strategy with the right content and learning formats but also of having a smart learning platform that supports the entire implementation.

We now have over ten individuals working on the programming of innovative software solutions to offer you the best experiences. With our Learning Management System (LMS), you can organize your training quickly and easily. The tag/keyword system allows you to organize all participants into training groups, making it easy to categorise training by departments, job roles, or locations. From registering participants and sending out training invitations to tracking their progress and managing training records, our LMS provides everything in one place. This way, you can fulfil your accountability obligations to auditors, regulatory authorities, and inspectors at any time.

If you also need consulting support in developing your training strategy (especially for mandatory training), our DSN train team is happy to assist you with this request.

Part of a strong group

DSN train is a product of datenschutz nord GmbH and is therefore part of the DSN GROUP. The DSN GROUP is one of the leading providers nationwide for data protection, information security, and compliance. With over 200 employees across eight locations, the DSN GROUP is the reliable partner for over 2,000 companies, authorities, and other organisations, when it comes to consulting on data protection, information security, and compliance topics.

What we do

With engaging narratives, modern course design, and interesting interactions, we ensure that learning is enjoyable for you and your employees! Whether it's about data protection, information security, or compliance, you'll find the right training for your needs with us.

Missing a specific topic? No problem. We collaborate with you to develop content for eLearning courses and turn them into interactive eLearning events.

Who we are

Our team consists of many creative, intelligent, organised, and solution-oriented individuals.

Bild von Agnes Filar, Produktmanagerin eLearning bei DSN GROUP.
Agnes Filar

Product Manager eLearning

Bild von Ulrich Kück-Bohms, Key Account Manager bei DSN GROUP.
Ulrich Kück-Bohms

Key Account Manager

Bild von Tom Lukass, Leiter Akademie bei DSN GROUP.
Tom Lukaß

Head of Academy

Bild von Tim Schubert, Account Manager bei DSN GROUP.
Tim Schubert

Account Manager

Bild von Stephan Roth, Prokurist bei DSN GROUP.
Stephan Roth

Authorized Signatory I VP Sales

Bild von Karolina Maria Stefanski, Leiterin Legal Tech bei DSN GROUP.
Karolina Maria Stefanski

Head of LegalTech

Bild von Jannes Werk, Product Owner LMS bei DSN GROUP.
Jannes Werk

Product Owner LMS

Icon mit dem weißen Logo von DSN train, im Farbverlauf von dunkel- bis hellblau.
Walter Gur

Product Manager

Icon mit dem weißen Logo von DSN train, im Farbverlauf von dunkel- bis hellblau.
Danielle Karydis

Product Manager eLearning

Icon mit dem weißen Logo von DSN train, im Farbverlauf von dunkel- bis hellblau.
Lino Kurig

Product Manager eLearning

Icon mit dem weißen Logo von DSN train, im Farbverlauf von dunkel- bis hellblau.
Christin Münzberg

Product Manager eLearning

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