Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

eLearning, also known as E-Learning / eLearning, is the abbreviation for 'electronic learning,' a form of learning where electronic or digital media are used to present or transmit learning content. We use eLearning as a modern training method, where training content is delivered through interactive online courses. Decide for yourself when and where you want to further your education! With your personal access to the system, you can conveniently and independently conduct the training. It's important to us that screen-based learning is not only effective but also enjoyable for you. Therefore, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our eLearning courses are diverse, interactive, and easily understandable. For us, it's not just about acquiring knowledge but also about the experience. Get ready for a refreshing way of learning – whenever it fits into your schedule.

With eLearning courses, you can train entire departments, locations, or even your entire workforce in a short time and with minimal effort. You only need to compile a list of participants who need training. The rest is taken care of by our system! The hassle of finding a suitable time for all participants and organising training rooms is a thing of the past. eLearning has no time or location constraints. Participants simply complete the training when and where it suits them. If someone is sick, has a customer appointment, or is on vacation, they can catch up on the eLearning course at a later time. With the LMS license, training certificates are automatically generated by the system and offered for download to participants upon completion of the training. We have enriched our eLearning courses with many interactive elements and tasks. Blindly clicking through is not possible. Participants must actively engage with the content to complete the courses.

Training is an ongoing task. With our licensing model, you get the foundation for continuous awareness. The prices listed in the table are annual prices plus VAT. The license is automatically extended for another year after one year, unless terminated three months before the expiration date. At the beginning of a new license year, you can make a new course selection to bring variety to the training content.

With the LMS license, we process the personal data of participants when user accounts are set up in our training platform to enable individual learning status. As a minimum the first and last names are required. In the case of a multilingual group of participants, information about whether a participant should complete the training in German or another language is also collected.
As you can see data protection comes into play here. In our Basic Course Data Protection, you will learn that data processing is only permissible if it is allowed either by law or by consent.
In the case of our eLearning, data processing can be justified by legal permission (Section 26 BDSG). In the modern working world, solid basic knowledge in the areas of data protection and data security is a fundamental requirement for all employees. Training measures in this area are necessary for the implementation of employment relationships, which is why processing the employee data needed for this purpose is permissible.
Attention: Please involve your works council! We operate the technical infrastructure as your processor. Therefore, our general license conditions (ALB) also includes a contract for order processing (AVV) according to Art. 28 GDPR. Both documents can be found on the DSN GROUP website as PDFs for download.

The technical and organisational measures for data security described in this chapter are relevant to you only if you use our training platform (LMS license). If you have opted for the SCORM license, please inquire with your IT or LMS provider about the security measures taken.

Measures for pseudonymising personal data
Personal data is generally pseudonymised, as far as possible for the intended purpose and without requiring disproportionate effort in relation to the intended protective purpose.

Measures for encrypting personal data
The training platform can only be accessed via a connection with https encryption. Administrative access to the server system is also only possible from our company network.

Ensuring confidentiality
a) Physical Access
Our eLearning system is operated in a professional data center in Bremen, which has up-to-date access protection. 

b) System Access
All administrative access points are secured with complex 20-character passwords consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. For user accounts, 8-character passwords are enforced, which must contain uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers.

c) Data Access
Only employees from the eLearning business area have administrative access to the system. With the LMS license, participants in the system can only view their own learning status. Coordinators also have access to the learning status of the entire group. Group responsibles have access to the area if it is unlocked by the coordinators.

d) Transfer
All connections to our eLearning system are https-encrypted.

e) Data Separation
With the LMS license, all licensees receive an independent and isolated client ('own area') in our system. This ensures that the user data of our customers does not mix.

Ensuring Integrity (input control)
The input, modification and deletion of user data are logged by the system.

Ensuring Availability
a) Availability
We regularly create backups of the data. The servers are also located in an air-conditioned room and are equipped with uninterrupted power supplies and up-to-date antivirus protection.

b) Control of processors
Our eLearning system is hosted by PLUTEX GmbH in a professional data center in Bremen (Germany) that is certified according to ISO 27001. We have concluded a contract for order processing according to Art. 28 GDPR with the service provider.

Ensuring the resilience of the systems
Resilient systems (hardware and software) are used that can withstand the expected loads in terms of storage, access, and line capacities.

Regular review of the measures
The technical and organisational measures are continuously reviewed and, if necessary, adapted to the state of the art.

To use DSN train, participants need:

a) An internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, desktop PC, tablet (at least iOS8 or Android OS 4.1), or smartphone (at least iOS8 or Android OS 4.1).

b) An HTML5-enabled web browser, such as Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Internet Explorer (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version), or Safari (latest version).

The performance of the device and the bandwidth of the Internet access influence the display speed of our eLearning courses. If you're not sure whether your participants‘ devices meet these requirements, feel free to contact us.

Questions about our courses

Yes, you can. With our trial access, you can test our complete course offering as full versions without any obligation.

Are you already using our Data Protection Management System DSN port?
Then you can view the training directly in our showroom. Simply log in with your DSN port account, expand the info bar on the right side of the screen, and click on 'Go to DSN train Showroom.'

No access yet?
With a free and non-binding trial access, you can try out our courses as full versions. Upon request, we are happy to set up a trial access for you. Just contact us at:

If you need a tailored course that takes into account the specifics of your company, organisation, or industry, we are happy to accommodate. Please reach out to us and share your requirements.

In that case, you will receive our eLearning courses as SCORM packages for integration into your own learning platform.

Questions about our learning platform

Our Learning Management System provides all the features you can expect from a modern learning platform:

  • tracking of training completion status,
  • downloading of personal training certificates,
  • automatic reminders,
  • and much more.

You can also easily set up access for leadership within your organisation, allowing them to view all relevant information about their teams. This way, responsibility can be sensibly distributed.

Here’s another bonus: With our learning platform in DSN port, you can roll out your Code of Conduct and other internal guidelines to your employees.

OpenID Connect (OIDC) allows you to directly link your directory service or authentication manager to our eLearning system. This means that participants do not need to log in separately to our learning platform – everything is automatic and seamless. OIDC not only simplifies access but also ensures that one login process grants access to various eLearning resources.

We hold not one but two stringently applied certifications which attest to the quality and reliability of our software. Our software DSN port has been certified as: SOFTWARE HOSTED IN GERMANY and SOFTWARE MADE IN GERMANY by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.