16.05.2024 / Agnes Filar

Entertainment in Education – From Training PDFs to Blockbusters?

This is how emotional engagement and interactive learning methods can shape the future of learning.
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06.05.2024 / Sven Venzke-Caprarese

Data protection training in the healthcare sector

How do you develop an effective training strategy for data protection in healthcare?
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30.04.2024 / Jannes Werk

DSN port learning – The Evolution of the Classroom

The path to a modern era of knowledge transfer is being paved.
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23.04.2024 / Christin Münzberg

DSN train on Tour – Visit us at LEARNTEC 2024 in Karlsruhe!

Experience the world of eLearning at Learntec.
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18.04.2024 / Sven Venzke-Caprarese

Security Awareness Measures are becoming Mandatory in Healthcare

New laws in healthcare: What security awareness measures are now mandatory?
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