Data protection training in the healthcare sector

Handling patient data correctly is crucial in the healthcare sector because this is a particularly sensitive type of data. Putting this into practice however can be anything but simple. Terms such as "data protection impact assessment", "OH-KIS", "B3S", as well as "NIS2", and "BSI-KritisV" may give healthcare professionals pause. In reality, these requirements can be met. Our consultants have a long track record of supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities in implementing:

In practice, we have also observed that training plays a crucial role, especially in the context of healthcare facilities. In addition to on-site training organised by our Academy team with experienced consultants, we have also developed special eLearning courses for:

The topic of a good training strategy also plays a role. We have attempted to detail how healthcare facilities can plan a good training strategy in the AOK publication "Datenschutz im Blick" which we contributed to as guest authors. You can read the article "Schulungen smart organisieren" for free in German via this link.

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We have also compiled some particularly interesting topics from the past for you. The articles can be accessed without a paywall, but they are only available in German:

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